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Just provide your contact and company information and we will create your complete Digital Business Card.

How to Create Digital Business Card ?

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Take 7 days free tiral and create your Digital Business Card account.

Enter Contact Info

Add Contact Information, Photo, Logo, Product Details, Choose vCard Theme etc.

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Share your Digital vCard and Add Leads to your vCard App.

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Create Digital Business Card | Share vCard | Add Leads

Order your vCard now and stand out from your competitors!

₹ 2500/- per year

Price : ₹ 1200 for Lifetime

For international customers, pricing is US$ 25

Frequently Asked Questions

Make My vCard

How much time it takes ?

You can create your digital vcard literally in minutes. Just fill in the information that you want to appear on your Digital Business Card and done.

What is the difference between CONTACT vCARD and PROFESSIONAL vCARD ?

  • Contact vCard has all clickable options for your contact information like click to call, whatsapp, email, website, share vcard, scan vcard, share vcard, social links, payment buttons, etc. It also has photo and logo option. In short it has all basic Contact Information that you generally find in traditional business cards.
  • Professional or Personal vCards are industry or profession specific profile vCards. e.g. Digital Marketers, CA, Consultant, Insurance and Financial Advisors, Architects, Real Estate Brokers, Doctors, Lawyers, Beautician, Corporate Trainers, Dancers, Influencers and more. It has all Contact Information as well as more detailed information about yourself, your achievements, skills, lists of products and services, testimonials, achievements, etc. Consider it as Contact vCard + Professional Profile.

What about future changes and updating information?

You can edit or update your Contact and Business Information on your vCard as well as vCard Theme, anytime you want.

What is the Validity of My vCard ?

It's one time payment of Rs. 1200 (US$30). You can access your vCard for Lifetime (fairly longer period of time).

Connect your Domain URL.

Suppose your name is John and the default vCard URL is

But you can connect your subdomain or domain and white label your vCard URL (e.g. or

What about Support ?

If you have any queries, then you can get in touch with our Support Team via email. Our Support Team tries their best to reply within the same working day, else they will reply within 24 working hours. Support Team works between 10 AM to 7 PM IST (Except Weekends and Holidays). 

Still Have Questions ?

Contact us on +91 908 141 1173 (10 am to 7 pm IST) or drop an email to

It's Time to Stand Out..

make my vcard

We help businesses and individuals to share their contact details using Digital Business Card.

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